Faucets and Fixtures

Your faucets and fixtures are the plumbing items that you interact with the most, and therefore, it is important to choose fixtures that will be pleasing to you for years to come. Some people like elegant fixtures, others want to be sure that the shower heads spray a certain way. Everyone has their own set of priorities, and we are here to accommodate them all. Direct Source plumbing utilizes some of the industries finest brands and materials.


Water Heaters

Having hot water may not be a necessity, but it sure is nice. Direct Source Plumbing utilizes top quality water heaters in every project we complete.  Whether you are looking for a traditional tank water heater, or you are looking for a tankless water heater to give you instant hot water whenever you need it, we have the solution for you.




We can all agree that a comfortable on the toilet and a comfortable tub are really nice to have. When you want to relax, a nice bath can really take the edge off. The bathroom is another place where privacy and comfort can make the experience much more pleasant. Direct source plumbing will use only top quality products on your project to ensure that your toilet or tub will satisfy you and last long after we are finished.


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